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why your customers
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This is how we help your company through behavioural design

Do not
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We are constantly influenced. By communication, pictures, opinions, and by each other. It has great effect on the way we as human beings make decisions on a daily basis. This is why it can be a very good idea to have a greater insight about what affects your target group – whether it is users, citizens, or customers.

Based in behavioural economics and behavioural psychology, we analyse your costumers’ behavioural patterns and develop solutions that will make them move in your direction. This is what we call behavioural design.

By way of our qualitative and quantitative methods, we obtain valuable insight about why your target group is exhibiting specific behavioural patterns and decision processes.

With the most recent knowledge within the field of applied behavioural science, we give you the most incisive insights to how you can design your communication and other behavioural design interventions – also known as nudges – in order for you to achieve the most effective design possible.

Decision Design’s approach is scientific, and for every project we combine professional competences within anthropology, psychology, behavioural economics, marketing, communication, and design.

This way we ensure that you will achieve the best results.

Decision Design Method Model™

DDMM is based on our own experiences working with behaviour in theory and in practice, and it is inspired by the service design model.
In collaboration with you we will define the starting point of the challenge you are facing.
Next, we examine the behaviour of your target group in the environment where the decision process takes place. We observe, interview, screen existing empirical material, and record the behaviour of your target group.
Then we define the specific behaviour that makes up the main problem in order to accurately and thoroughly develop an effective solution.
On the basis of the empirical material and data that we produce, we develop and design a variety of interventions for us to give you the best results.
To wrap it all up, we implement and test the interventions to see which one of them is the most efficient.

Definition & Developing

Lectures and workshops

Do not miss out on valuable insight – we will gladly share it with you. We give lectures and create workshops about behavioural design and nudging, and about how people make decisions in real life. We inspire you and your colleagues to think about behaviour and decisions in a new way and to go home and take action. We do it using humour, with the newest and most surprising cases within the field of applied behavioural science, and we tailor the event for your exact field of work.

Former clients: DGI, Topdanmark and Novo Nordisk.

Check out a lecture here.

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